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PMP Europe launches Golf Club Partnership at BTME 2022

PMP Europe is excited to have officially launched its Golf Club Partnership Scheme at the BTME 2022 show in Harrogate.

The PMP Europe Golf Club Partnership is a three-tier scheme designed to help golf clubs improve their pathways using the unique Flexipave porous surfacing system. The top tier of the scheme sees greenkeeping teams trained in how to prepare, mix and install the Flexipave surfacing. Once a team is trained, course managers simply purchase the Flexipave raw materials from PMP Europe as and when they need it.

The benefits include:

• Greater flexibility on the quantities of material a club wishes to install.

• Reduces installation lead times, and reduces the cost of installing the material by allowing a club to utilise its own workforce.

• Orders are delivered on pallets and are prepared in our warehouse to give clubs the correct quantities and ratios required.

The scheme was created with the help of Whitley Bay Golf Club, who are now working alongside PMP Europe as ambassadors for the scheme and the Flexipave material. This partnership has subsequently been highlighted by Northern Golfer magazine over a double-page spread in its April 2022 edition.

If you would like to find out more about the scheme, email or call 01226 447292.

Our double page feature in April's Northern Golfer magazine.

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