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"Revolutionising Golf Course Design: The Flexibunker Case Study at Aston Wood Golf Club".

Aston Wood Golf Club are the latest golf course to have had success in the PMP Surfacing Golf Club Partnership scheme.

The bunkers at Aston Wood Golf Club are protected by 'Flexibunker' .

They have transformed 16 bunkers in the course with our brand new product 'Flexibunker'.

Flexibunker uses a rubberised surface which provides soft protection that protects golf courses bunkers.

The rubberised bunker liner provides a soft protection

Aston Wood were having numerous problems with their bunkers and following a consultation we recommended 'Flexibunker'.

The Flexibunker system in action

Our team carried out training with the greens staff on how to install our Flexibunker system. This then enabled the team to install the system themselves on every bunker throughout the course as and when required. 

For more on this project, and how it can make a difference to other golf courses, have a read of our case study with the link below.

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