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PMP Europe install accessible, safe Flexipave paths into All Saints, Shiptonthorpe.

The Flexipave path has made it very accessible for wheelchair users.

PMP Europe are delighted to see the installation of our specialist surfaces into All Saints, Shiptonthorpe Church in York, making the church more accessible and safe to the general public.

Our sustainable Flexipave paths were unveiled to the general public on the 9th July, providing more wheelchair access and an eco friendly surface that runs right through the churchyard.

Drone shot of the paths running straight through the church.

Installing Flexipave at 1.3m wide, the path runs right through the churchyard transforming the muddy, worn-down paths that they had at the church before.

Freda Bailey from Shiptonthorpe Church expressed serious concern after the paths at the church were deemed to be unsafe.

Freda said:" Things were getting desperate, our church ‘path’ was dangerous and difficult. After rain it became so muddy that even the steadiest of people could slip. In wet or dry weather, the gravel on the slope moved underfoot….and as for wheelchair users and their carers! Something had to be done. "

PMP Europe deciced that Flexipave was the perfect surface to solve safety issues and amend the previous pathway and have received spectacular feedback from locals.

Freda Bailey said: "We have already received favourable comments from congregational members and villagers. The finished product looks good and is so much easier for everyone to negotiate. We can now access our church whatever the weather."

"Please do pass on our appreciation to all involved. The standard of work and meticulous attention to detail is to their credit.”

Flexipave paths running right through the churchyard

Kevin Sellwood, Regional Sales manager for the North for PMP Europe said: "Our surfaces can transform churches and be accessible and safe for everyone.The Flexipave paths we have fitted can make such a difference to church communities. Our surfaces are also sustainable, so Flexipave can be the perfect material for church pathways."

We are hoping on the back of this that other churches with any problems can come forward and our surfaces can be installed to make it safer for the general public and in particular wheelchair users.
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